KnoMe Personal Data Protocol Consortium
WHAT is KnoMe?
The KnoMe Personal Data Protocol Project is currently a proposition for
an industry consortium formed to create and foster an open-source, standardized personal data protocol (PDP) as a methodology for improving personal data security, privatization, development, integration, portability, governance, ownership and value.
WHY build the KnoMe standard protocol?
increased performance:
lightens the load on blockchain, cloud and application network performance at large scale by reducing transaction processing requirements, thus mitigating frustrating transaction latency issues
ease of use:
standardized formatting and transfer greatly improves cross-platform integration, data utility and overall development processes
better security:
makes personal data security much easier to develop, integrate, regulate, monitor and trust
greater privacy:
makes data privacy controls much easier to develop and integrate into clear, understandable user management tools and processes
international compliance:
makes regulation and enforcement much easier for companies and individuals to understand and comply with across borders
data democracy:
allows for greater individual control, understanding, management and utility of one’s own personal data
clearer governance:
makes implementing policies, procedures and standards for information assets much easier for organizations and personal utility
healthier competition:
provides lower barrier to entry, creates larger markets and incentivizes innovation that benefits consumers and commercial end users alike
WHO should get involved in KnoMe?
many people, many perspectives:
all interested parties in the many fields of personal data; capture, storage, analysis, processing, software, privacy, management, utility, brokerage, sales, services, devices or development, whether interested in contributing time or resources, or just staying informed about the project
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developers and advisors:
individual developers as well as strategic advisors in all fields are welcomed to contribute their expertise; admins and executive will be nominated and elected
donations and memberships:
corporate sponsorship support through donations or annual membership is welcomed and appreciated
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executive board and committees:
nominations and elections for executive board and advisory committee positions will be made after the initial proof-of-interest period
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In order to accurately gauge interest without undue influence, individuals and corporate participants
will not be revealed until Tuesday, May 15th, 2018, once proof-of-interested is validated.
WHEN will KnoMe happen?
Consortium / Protocol Introduction:
Monday, April 2nd, 2018
(begins proof-of-interest period)
Consortium / Protocol Validation:
Tuesday, May 15th, 2018
(ends proof-of-interest period)
Consortium / Protocol Inception:
Wednesday, May 16th, 2018
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WHERE will KnoMe be built?
communication channels to be agreed to by consensus of early members within 15 days of consortium inception
development channels to be agreed to by consensus of early members within 15 days of consortium inception
HOW will KnoMe be built?
The following methodology is merely a suggestion. Further suggestions for improvements, enhancements, edits and/or changes to this strategic approach are welcomed for group consideration. We also welcome initial proposals for protocol formatting and transfer policies and models.


1A: 50 member minimum in 45 days to initiate Stage 2 – consortium and protocol inception


inception and elections
2A: consortium and protocol inception upon proof-of-interest validation
2B: nominations for short-term board and committee members
2C: elect and promote short-term board and committee members


3A: suggestions for protocol formatting and transfer policies and models
3B: suggestions for developer consensus policies and mechanisms
3C: suggestions for development and communications channels


consensus / acceptance
4A: primary protocol architecture and policy models
4B: development consensus mechanisms and policies
4C: development and communication channels


protocol development
5A: initial proof-of-concept protocol prototype developed for validation and integration testing
5B: further protocol components proposed and consensus reached
5C: initial protocol prototype further developed and tested for performance and scaling


testing and integration
6A: enroll enterprise partners for validation and integration testing
6B: validate and test scaling and performance
6C: testing completed, proven validation, enterprise acceptance


7A: public, open-source protocol release
7B: community advocation for developer and enterprise adoption
7C: protocol reaches critical adoption threshold


8A: nominations for long-term board and committee members
8B: elect and promote long-term board and committee members


9A: bug fixes, enhancements made to protocols
9B: further protocol components proposed and consensus reached
9C: iteration completion released
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