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A standardized formatting and transfer protocol for personal dataPersonal Data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person ("data subject"); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular... More that will provide:

  • increased performance:
    lightens the load on blockchainA blockchain is a continuously growing list of digital transactions (digital ledger) that occur within a nodal network, with the ledger being updated at regularly timed intervals in segments called... More, cloud and application network performance at large scale by reducing API integration and transaction processing requirements while reducing overall data transfer
  • ease of use:
    standardized formatting and transfer greatly simplifies; cross-platform integration, data utility and overall development processes
  • better security:
    makes personal data security much easier to develop, integrate, regulate, monitor and trust
  • greater privacy:
    makes data privacy controls much easier to develop and integrate into clear, understandable user management tools and processes
  • international compliance:
    makes regulation and enforcement much easier for companies and individuals to understand and comply with across borders
  • data democracy / sovereignty:
    allows for greater individual control, understanding, management and utility of one’s own personal data
  • clearer governance:
    makes implementing policies, procedures and standards for information assets much easier for organizations as well as for personal management and utility
  • healthier competition:
    provides lower barrier to entry, creates larger markets and incentivizes competitive advantages that benefit consumers and commercial end users alike

By providing these benefits within the ecosystem of the personal data industry and its many roots and branches, the end result is a win-win benefit that conveys massive empowerment to consumers and people in general everywhere, as well as to advertisers and the Adtech industry as a whole, not to mention the massive positive effect this would have on consumer and user trust and engagement.


In fact, by having the foundation of a standardized personal data format and transfer protocol, together with blockchain distributed-ledger technology as a brickwork, it creates the infrastructure and ecosystem for a number of whole new industries to develop, thrive and prosper within, including; Vendor Relationship Management (VRM), Personal Data Agency (PDA), and Digital Asset Licensing (DAL).

This will also foster greater growth and consumer sensitivity in existing industries such as Data Brokerage and Social Platforms as well.


More importantly though, personal data standardization will save hundreds of thousands of lives each year by providing greater data portabilityData portability refers to the transfer of personal data from one data controller to another. Data portability requires common technical standards to facilitate the transfer from one data controller to... More with more robust, clear and complete medical records at each stage of the patient’s care, whether between new doctors and new hospitals, or new health care providers and family.


In recognition of all the potential benefits and advantages of the implementation of a global standardized protocol for the format and transfer of personal data, as a founding member of this Consortium, I declare the following to be the Mission Statement of the KnoMe Personal Data Protocol Consortium:

The Mission of the KnoMe Personal Data Protocol Consortium is to empower people with greater control, ownership and manageability of their personal data, and to empower business and industry with greater consumer access, engagement and loyalty through the creation and fostering of a global standardized personal data formatting and transfer protocol, called “KnoMe”.

I invite any person who shares this vision and who is interested or inspired to contribute their knowledge, skills and/or expertise in service of realizing this vision, please indicate your interest in becoming involved in order to validate the “proof-of-interest” (Stage #1) of this project.

I look forward to creating this with you.

Paul Marek
Founding Member,
The KnoMe Personal Data Protocol Consortium
Founder / CEO,

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